Yacht Rental Packages To opt For in Dubai

Yacht Rental Packages To opt For in Dubai

Synonymous with glamour, when people think of Dubai, it’s the glitz and glam life that comes to mind more often than the deserts and summer. Dubai has certainly transformed itself from a plain desert land to a buzzing tourist destination. Nestled in the exotic Arabian Sea, what better way to discover this magnificent city than to spend some quality time on a luxury yacht. Lately it has been one of the most sought-after things to do in Dubai. Check out the yacht rental Dubai offers and find one that suits your requirement the most. Now let’s move on to discuss the various types of packages available onboard.

Birthday Package

When looking for a unique location to celebrate a birthday, only a few places can suit a yacht’s ‘wow’ factor. It is a beautiful combination of class and sophistication, and is easy to please your guests. You also have the liberty to choose a yacht, based on the size, budget and preference. Lastly, you are offered unlimited entertainment options, and will have everyone leave with a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Anniversary Package

Irrespective of the years spent together, an anniversary is certainly an occasion to celebrate, and what better way to do it, than buy sailing across the beautiful sea and dining in a romantic atmosphere. We offer you the opportunity to celebrate your special day in style. Relive those moments onboard by creating a similar atmosphere. This way you can also explore a unique destination and enjoy a romantic experience.
Anniversary Package for Yacht Charter in Dubai

Breakfast Package

Start your day right by treating your partner to a unique breakfast date onboard a luxury yacht. This unique alfresco dining experience allows you to take in the fresh air and enjoy views of the skyline while indulging in your meal.

Sunset Package

The experience of watching the sun set in the horizon onboard a yacht is a mesmerizing sight you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Whether it’s your anniversary or just seeking to spend quality time together, you’ll can turn this into a romantic yet fun experience. You can customize the experience to your preference and ensure both you have a great time onboard.

Full Day Package

Be it a celebration or a get together with your family and friends, indulging in a full-day luxury yacht charter is the ideal solution. You get to spend quality and private time together without being interrupted by the public. Moreover, you get to customize the menu, entertainment options and activities to your preferences. Recent studies have also shown that a day spent on a yacht, certainly helps in improving the mental state of an individual. So, this could be a fun and very relaxing experience for you and your guests.

Check our packages online and book one that suits your preference and occasion.

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