Top Five Tyre Brands for SUVs in Dubai

Top Five Tyre Brands for SUVs in Dubai

Tyres Dubai is a very vital component of any car, as it enables the vehicle to move. The role of the tyre can be compared to the functions of the legs to the human body. As such, no vehicle is complete without its tyres. As there is a variety of tyres brands available in the market, finding the right one can be challenging. Additionally, drivers have to take into consideration, its popularity, quality, and durability amongst other factors. Below listed are the top five tyre brands for SUV vehicles in Dubai. Give it a read, so you have a better understanding of the tyre brands in Dubai and are able to make the right choice for your SUV.


This tyre brand continuously strives to provide the best quality tyres to its customers. Goodyear focuses on improvising tyre production utilizing the latest technology, further ensuring complete safety for the vehicle. While the tyres may not be cheap, it is by far one of the best brands in the market.

Best Tyre Brands for SUVs In Dubai


Michelin tires Dubai is known to be a one-stop-shop for all your car tyre needs. They include tyres for passenger cars, motorbikes, SUV vehicles, light trucks, as well as, 4×4 cars. This car tyre brand is light on the pocket, environmentally friendly and also ensures no compromise on the quality.


A leading car tyre brand, which has lasted for over a century. Every tyre comes with a warranty, so you can be sure of utmost safety. The brand designs cutting-edge technology for connection and mode of commute. With regards to pricing, the brand is on the higher end, however, the amount paid is worth the investment you make for your vehicle.

Bridgestone and Other Tyre Brands for SUVs in OAE


Known to have manufactured some brilliant car tyre models as well as designed few tyre models for the future, is none other than Dunlop. It is the ideal tyre, as it is suitable for every buyer, model and driving status of Dubai. Dunlop comes under as one of the top suppliers for SUV cars in the region. They cater to every need and safety of their customers all over the region.


If you are on the lookout for a top-quality car tyre brand supplier, look no further than Bridgestone tyres. They are especially beneficial to drive on the roads of Dubai. These tyres are known to meet the requirements of every driver. It improves traction, mileage as well as fuel efficiency.

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