Tips To Reduce Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, And Eye Bags

Tips To Reduce Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, And Eye Bags

You’ve heard the advice to get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles or eye bags, get enough sleep. But what do you do when you try to get some sleep but they just don’t seem to go away? You just keep having a sleep-deprived look which apparently isn’t cool at all. Most often the terms puffy eyes, dark circles, and eye bags are used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. Yes, they appear under our eyes but they are totally different concepts. There is a single solution for three problems, namely eye bag mask but for a more detailed information on how to compact such troubles, read through:

Dark Circles

Generally, the skin on the under-eye area is so thin and translucent. Now, as mentioned earlier the culprit to getting a dark eye circle is lack of enough sleep. Usually, there will be fluid congestion in the veins underneath the eyes, therefore leading to circles appearing. Extreme lack of sleep will make these circles even darker in fair skin.
If this is you, then experts recommend creams and serum with hyaluronic acid, peptides or ceramides. This ingredient will basically push away fluid congestions. Also, antioxidants will do the work. Retinoids may also be recommended to thicken the translucent undereye skin thus making the dark circles less visible.

What are Eye Bag Masks

Puffy or Swollen Eyes

The most common culprit causing puffy eyes are allergies. Also, too much to drink can lead to this, since excessive alcohol consumption causes dehydration. Similarly, lack of sleep causes the puffiness of the eyes. Swollen eyes are characteristic of being worse in the morning and reduced in the afternoon.

In such a scenario, the best advice is, you guessed it, enough sleep. Also, as you indulge in alcohol please drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Cooling products can temporarily reduce inflammation by promoting blood flow. the best advice, however, is to consult with a reputable beauty company on the best product to help.

Eye Bags

This is genetic, they are normal and a sign of aging. We all have to age one way or the other. They can appear in the late twenties or thirties. Previously there was not a lot you could do about under-eye bags, but thanks to technology, the eye bag mask comes to the rescue.

The fabric used on the eye mask has active ingredients packed to help smoothen the bags and get rid of the fats. The good news is that it has no retinoids that can react with the skin making it itchy. This makes the mask perfect for sensitive skin.

What are its Benefits

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