Reusing Wilted Flowers

Reusing Wilted Flowers

Flowers have many uses in the home. They aren’t just good for aesthetics, scent and purification, but they can be handy in a number of ways. An excellent advantage of utilizing the benefits of flowers is minimizing the carbon footprint. It is hard to not want to have flowers forever, the beauty in flowers doesn’t die and you can always use them in different ways. We all enjoy the online bouquet delivery in Dubai and seek ways in which we can keep our flowers longer. You can benefit from flowers even after they wilt, in a number of ways.

Decorative Purpose

Dried flowers are useful for decorating. You can make exquisite wall art with them, which you can mount. You can also decorate gifts for your friends and family, this is easy and creative and will only take you a few minutes!

Create Scented Water

Another great use is to produce a nice scented concoction from them! It’s totally easy and you can use it either to spray yourself or your bed linen.

You Can Consume Some

Please note that not every flower is consumable. Some are edible, and some aren’t. It’s important to understand the type of flowers that you have and whether they are safe to eat or not. Flowers like roses or those with marigolds are consumable. You can add the petals to your ice for rich ice cubes or blend them in tea. If you are uncertain whether your flowers are consumable or not, don’t take the risk.

Add Them to Potpourri

Up the game by adding dry flowers to potpourri. Flowers make a great addition, along with citrus fruits. It isn’t just for grandmas anymore!

Plant the Seeds

If you really loved the flowers you got, save some of their seeds and plant them on your own. You can grow them in your garden or flowerpot. This is a great way to grow a new flower risk free!

In Conclusion

Before you utilize any of these methods, you’ll need to dry your flowers. Dried flowers can be versatile and can be used for almost anything. The best way to dry flowers is by hanging them upside down in a dry and dark space. If it’s smaller flowers, you can just place them in between book pages, they will be dry in no time!

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