Know About the Benefits of NFPA Courses in Dubai

Know About the Benefits of NFPA Courses in Dubai

Disasters are the leading cause of human woe since the beginning of civilization. To cope up with that and to prevent them, disaster management and planning have become the integral part of the functioning of any modern organization. Apart from preparedness, steps are also being taken to better the designs of both those things that are likely to trigger the disaster as well as those mechanisms that can control the damage.

Benefits of NFPA

Duration of the course

NFPA courses in Dubai is only a short-term course with duration of 5 weeks. Since the classes are conducted only on the weekends, even the working professionals can easily take part in it and take their career one step ahead.

Fire hazard

Fire is the most common factor behind disasters and damage. Each year millions of dollars’ worth of property and life is lost due to fire damage. Fire may be a disaster in itself, or it may be triggered by other disasters such as an electric short circuit or an earth quake. This is why leading companies are involved in coming up with newer and better mechanisms of coping up with fire disasters.

Fire Fighting Design Course

The firefighting design course is an advanced certificate course in which students who have a sound back ground of mechanical and electrical engineering can acquire new skills whereby they will be able to make significant contribution to their firefighting designs

Fire Fighting Design Course

Skills developed in the course

By participating in the course, students can gain knowledge on a variety of areas such as

  • Design- both in accordance to the UAE and international standards
  • Water based systems such as hydraulic calculation, fire pump set selection and calculation, sprinkler system such as deluge pre-action system
  • Foam based systems for oil and gas protection.
  • Gas based Clean Agent system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Emergency power backup and emergency announcement systems
  • All Round Knowledge

The NFPA course is widely recommended as it is not just focused on a single sector but includes within itself sectors like residential, office, industrial, spots, educational, warehouses, oil and gas stations as well.

Choose Right Institution

Since such professionals are in high demand, being equipped with this course will enable you to get a good placement in a number of leading companies. However, it is important to note that the course must be done from a reputed institute which has substantial amount of experience. So take your career a step ahead and go for NFPA courses today!

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