How a Good Interior Design Impacts Your Health

How a Good Interior Design Impacts Your Health

Decoration affects our mood, thoughts, feelings and finally our behavior. This has been confirmed by psychologists. Places where we live regularly, such as home or work, if they are not decorated and arranged properly, can affect our dissatisfaction with life or work. This issue is so important that many decoration designers and professional architects strictly observe it. In addition to the fact that home renovation Dubai is effective in the well-being and functioning of people; Interior design and arrangement of furniture are equally important. Considering this point, in this article, we will examine the effect of decoration and interior design on mental health. Stay with us.

Attention To Colors

Do not try to choose the same color home appliances. But pay attention to the harmony of colors! Good home decoration does not mean that everything is the same color. In fact, you should pay attention to the Feng Shui colors. When coordinating fabrics with different designs, consider one or two base colors based on the productive cycles in Feng Shui.

Natural Elements

Adding plants, stones, shells and other natural elements to the decoration of the house has a very good effect on the mood of the family members. In fact, it brings nature into the house. But you must be careful depending on what element and in what direction it should be placed. Give the members of the house a happy mood by placing some fresh flowers in the house. It is recommended to always put a dish with fresh fruit or fresh flowers on the dining table.

Picture Frame

It is very good to put pictures of family members around the house. But avoid overdoing it. Be especially careful about your own photos. Family photos are usually placed in the east of the house, and if you need supportive people, place the photos of supportive people in the northwest. We place happy family photos which are good for improving relationships in the east of the living room.


Marble flooring is cool and great in the summer, but annoyingly cold in the winter. Floor coverings other than carpets add to the noise of the environment. First, you should keep this point in mind so that you can establish harmony and balance. Wood floors are great in every way; you just have to consider the maintenance costs. At the same time, you should note that not all places can be covered with wood. For more information, visit construction company UAE and get advice from their expert consultants.

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