Common Lifting Equipment Seen on Construction Sites

Common Lifting Equipment Seen on Construction Sites

Construction and heavy lifting equipment are synonymous. From the foundation to the ceiling, you need machines that can lift heavy construction material. The equipment makes construction work easier and even faster. Although there are traditional simple tools that were previously used, technology has revolutionized construction machinery. Transporting abnormal loads Dubai is now easier because of equipment like cranes, compactors, and excavators. The industry has also grown to offer variety in new, used or rental machinery to fit your project. Here are some of the lifting equipment which you should have in your construction site for efficiency.

Common Lifting Equipment Seen on Construction Sites

Tower Cranes

This is one of the tools which have made the construction of skyscrapers easy. A tower crane is used in the construction of tall buildings. Its purpose is to lift heavy loads like concrete blocks, steel bars and grills in the construction site. The equipment has 4 parts: jib, counter jib, operator cabin, and mast. The mast is the vertical part of the equipment while jib and counter jibs are the front and rear arm of the machine. The jib carries the load while counter jib holds the counterweight to keep the arm in position.

Hydraulic Elevator

This is a modern invention that helps in lifting both solid and solution construction materials. The equipment is either fixed or mobile depending on the nature of the structure being built. Mobile hydraulic elevators are common in small and medium construction sites while fixed hydraulic elevators are meant for the construction of tall buildings. The machine has hydraulic tubes that are used to lift the construction material.

Dump Trucks

When you need to lift heavy materials at the base of the structure, dump trucks come in handy. They are used to transport concrete blocks or heavy construction metals which do not require hoisting. The trucks work within the ground floor and first floor of a building. The machines have a large capacity and can handle massive weights. They act as complementary tools to hoisting equipment like cranes and forklifts.

Common Lifting Equipment


As the name suggests, the purpose of this equipment is loading. It is used to load construction material or construction waste onto dumpers or trucks. Unlike backhoe, this machine has a shorter arm. There two types of loads: wheeled and conveyor loaders. Wheeled loaders are common in construction sites while conveyor loaders are used in rough construction sites. They are used in lifting soil, concrete, ballast or rocks.


This multi-purpose machine has both an excavator and a loader. The loader is found on the front side of the equipment. It is used to scoop soil, ballast or other materials to load onto trucks. The forked hoe is found at the back as the name suggests. Its use is to dig below the level of the machine. It has a scooper which helps to fetch the material after digging. Because the arm is long, the equipment is used to lift in medium-height structures. You can hire these machines from a lifting equipment company in UAE.

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