Are There Different Types of SEOs?

Are There Different Types of SEOs?

Short for search engine optimization, SEO includes a process that helps improves the ranking of a website online. It mainly focuses on improved results on search engines such as Google and even BING. The higher the ranking, the higher the traffic on the site. More often than not, these traffic than convert to sales. Now that we have understood what an SEO is, continue reading to learn more about the various types of SEO services Dubai.

On-Page Content

The meta tags of a page are extremely crucial in order to achieve rankings. You should use primary keywords to help understand what your page is about as opposed to keyword stuffing. A professional company knows best how to optimize the title. Another factor worth noting is the use of headers in the content. A well-structured page would include the H1 and H2, as we’ve understood that these help in improving rankings. The on-page content should also include relevant information that may be helpful to visitors, instead of limiting it to just the services they offer. A concise page with an appealing layout, which includes not only text but high-quality media as well, improves the visitor’s engagement, and therefore increase the rankings.


This is performed to understand the technical factors in a website that contribute to affecting the ranking. The first step is to check how efficient the code with which the website has been developed is. If it’s inefficient its slowdowns the load time of the website. When optimizing the content on a page, it is better received by Google when the code of the website is minimized. In fact, Google easily understands the page when there is less code, thereby increasing its ranking level. Secondly, they have to analyze the website speed. The likelihood of Google displaying a website when answering a query is higher when the website speed is high. This is because it enhances user experience as opposed to displaying a website that loads slower. The layout of the website is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Google is more likely to display a website that is also mobile responsive as opposed to a non-responsive site. Lastly, Google favors websites that are more secure, so as a technical expert, they will look into the type of the website you are using.

Are There Different Types of SEOs?

Off-Page Content

There are various off-page techniques that are used to improve the credibility as well as the ranking of the website. While on-page helps Google identify the page, off-page on the other hand, helps in increasing the authority and interpretation by Google to understand how websites should be ranked. Social media helps in creating brand awareness and traffic on the website. Backlinks are the heart of the Google’s ranking algorithm. Higher the backlinks, higher the relevance of the website in the eyes of Google.

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